jesta witness update - full time begins - 2016-10-07

This week marks the first full week of steem related projects for me. Its a pretty refreshing change of pace! For those of you not following my updates, I've been doing full time contract work since I joined steem in July. I've choosen to not renew my contract in favor of working full time on steem related projects for the foreseeable future.

Exciting times, and I'm very happy to be a contributor to this social experiment :)

1. Accomplished the week of 2016-10-07:

  • Setup a new server in the US running some experimental code. It's not a member of the cluster, but will be once I'm done experimenting and revert it to a normal build.
  • Next batch of updates are complete, I'm waiting on some background processes to finish and I'll release an update very soon. I have to resync the last ~260k blocks, so for the next couple hours things may be a bit slow.
  • Modified the steemdb witness page to also include account balances.
  • Started setting up the greymass website.
  • Greymass' 8-week roadmap I believe is finalized, we're reviewing on Sunday for any final changes.
  • Had some¬†productive discussions related to Greymass' new project to find a few prototype candidates.
  • Started crafting a post for release next week about our ambitious goals with the Greymass projects.
  • From the ground up, created a new functional alpha version of one of Greymass' new projects.
  • Progress has been made on an account data exporter, determining the best way to automate this and possibly offer this as a service to the community.
  • I took a couple days and found a new game to enjoy, Particle Fleet. All of the games by indie devteam Knuckle Cracker are examples of phenominal tower defense games. I'd highly recomment them all!

2. Upcoming projects/goals

  • Mid/late next week a series of posts related to Greymass' projects will be posted. This will let me stop being cryptic and add more detail to section #1 of these posts again.
  • I have a full write up to announce the Greymass Roadmap, which will be released in Week 3 (This is the end of Week 1). I can tell you right now the first two weeks are purely foundational work and not exciting anyways :)
  • Continue development of the foundational work for these projects. I'm incredibly happy with how it's shaping up and others will enjoy the groundwork being laid.
  • A very large update to steemdb is set to be released in the coming days. I'll likely spend another day or two working on this update and it's associated patch notes.
  • The launch of the Greymass website is immenent. We have a placeholder up right now, but will be launching a more detailed site about the organization in the very near future.

3. Thoughts from this week

My thoughts this week have been very much focused on the creation of something new, in the form of Greymass projects. From here on out, all of my development time is now split into two focuses:

I wanted to draw a distinct line here for the record. Not everything I work on is going to be a Greymass related project, only the new business and projects associated with it. Greymass will be getting the bulk of the work each week, but my other projects will see more action than they have before.

The same @jesta you've come to know through these updates will still exist as an individual entity. I also promise I'll stop talking about my contract work from here on out. It's over!

The next major milestone in life for me personally will come at the end of 2016, with the following events occuring:

  • Greymass' first product release for steem
  • Greymass' launching its first business for steem
  • A potential personal move in December (not sure where yet)

At this time I'll be reevaluating how well the full time steem work can support me. From now until then, it's 100% development and no worries of major distractions!

I feel like I round out every single one of my posts with this, but thank you to everyone that's supporting my projects in various ways. It's been meaningful and is the reason I'm willing to take these risks to build software within the steem ecosystem.

4. Previous week's update

Update for the week ending 2016-09-30

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