SteemDB Migration - ETA ??

Once again, just a quick post to keep you all informed.

I'm currently migrating SteemDB to a new server. To keep the transfer rate at it's maximum throughput I've disabled the site and it's APIs. I'm not entirely sure how long this process is going to take due to how I'm being forced to perform the migration (due to the limited resources of the existing server).

It may complete overnight or it may take a day or two, but I'll have a more formal announcement once this process is complete and the new server is live.

My apologies for any disruptions this may cause!

Update #1 - 2hrs in and 6gb of 92gb transferred. If it maintains this rate, It'll be around 30 hours total for the transfer. The outbound traffic from the server it was on is abysmal, I could have mailed a USB drive faster.

Update #2 - ~17hrs in and 36gb transferred. Seems to have slowed a bit, glad to be moving out of this data center :)

Update #3 - 47gb transferred, over half way done. Looks like it's going to be on the longer end of the spectrum and take a little over 2 full days, maybe up to 3.

Update #4 - 62gb of 92gb completed, about 48 hours in. I'm going to assume that another 24 hours will complete the transfer and sometime on Friday I'll be able to complete the final steps and bring the site back online. What a painfully long process.

Update #5 (last one) - DB migration is complete and I'm firing up the services on the new server and migrating the DNS. SteemDB should come back online soon (next hour-ish), but it'll probably take a while for the database to fully sync back up to todays date. I'll make a new post outlining all of this once I've completed all the manual tasks that I need to perform.

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