Big list of bots who reply to posts - 2nd edition

A couple months ago, I started compiling a list of bots who reply to other peoples posts on the Steem blockchain. This is the 2nd edition of that list, now properly placed inside the /f/steemdev forums on chainBB for developers to reference. I'll continue maintaining and adding to this list for future reference.

The primary version of this list now exists within the chainBB github repository and the bots are listed below:

List of Bots

bash adsactly analisa animus appreciator arama ausbitbot bago banjo barrie bellyrub besttocome215 bierkaart binkley biskopakon blackwidow7 blimbossem boomerang booster boostupvote bot-helper bottymcbotface bowlofbitcoin bp423 buildawhale burdok213 businessbot calva cannabiscurator centerlink cheetah cleverbot cnbuddy counterbot cryptoowl cub1 curationrus dab4dab dahrma davidding decibel deutschbot dirty.hera discordia done drakkald drotto edrivegom emilhoch eoscrusher famunger feedyourminnows followforupvotes frontrunner funaddaa fuzzyvest gaman gamerpool gamerveda gaming-hangouts gindor givemedatsteem givemesteem1 glitterbooster gonewhaling goodbot gotvotes gpgiveaways heelpopulair helpfulcrypto idioticbot ikwindje ilvacca inchonbitcoin ionlysaymeep ipuffyou joanaltres libertyteeth lovejuice mahabrahma make-a-whale makindatsteem maradaratar minnowbooster minnowhelper minnowpond minnowpond1 minnowpondblue minnowpondred minnowsupport misterwister moisesmcardona moonbot morwhale moses153 msp-lovebot msp-shanehug musicbooster muxxybo myday ninja-whale ninjawhale officialfuzzy onlymanamana originalwork originalworks pharesim pimpoesala polsza portoriko prambarbara promoted pumpingbitcoin pushup qurator qwasert raidrunner ramta randovote randowhale randowhale0 randowhale1 randowhaletrail randowhaling reblogger resteemable resteembot russiann scamnotifier scharmebran screenname siliwilly sneaky-ninja sniffo35 spinbot stackin steem-untalented steemcleaners steemedia steemgigs steemholder steemit-gamble steemit-hangouts steemitboard steemmaker steemmemes steemminers steemode steemprentice steemsquad steemster3 steemthat steemvoter stephen.king989 tabea tarmaland thepunisher theupvoter timbalabuch tippy tipu treeplanter twitterbot utopian-io viraltrend votey waardanook wahyurahadiann wang weareone1 weenis welcomebot whatamidoing whatupgg wildoekwind wiseguyhuh wistoepon zdashmash

If you know of more, feel free to issue a pull request to the chainBB repo or leave a reply here!

Edit - Updated and merged list provided by utopian.

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