steemdb 0.4.1 - daily curation and author leaderboards

A quick update following yesterday's 0.4.0 release, today we have rewards leaderboards!


Have you ever wondered who earned the most rewards on a specific day? This new section of (located under the labs section) lets you browse through the history of Curation and Author rewards by day and find those who earned the most.

You can use the date navigation right above that section to go back and forward to different dates.

These pages use the payout/reward date of the post, not the post date itself.

Author Leaderboard



The Author Leaderboard shows you which authors have earned the most on any given day by the posts and comments they write. All 3 currencies are displayed, as well as the number of posts that author made.

Curation Leaderboard



The Curation Leaderboard shows you which curators earned the most on any given day. The VEST and SP earned from curation is displayed, the number of curation rewards they earned that day, as well as how many unique authors they ended up voting for.

Where does this go from here?

I have a lot of fun stats planned for this type of data, with this release in the Labs section being the first. Going forward, I plan on adding a weekly summary, monthly summary, as well as an all-time leaderboard to show who has earned the most overall in their various activities.

If you're interested in learning how this is done, I'd recommend checking out @aizensou's post about Customize Payout Leaderboard Stats for Steem. The work both of us have done around this subject is derived from a patch @arhag made for steem last week.

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