steemdb 0.3.0 - account details, witness list upgrades, and account discovery

Over the last two weeks if you're a regular on, you've probably noticed some changes. I've been slowly addding features since the last update 2 weeks ago and have been releasing them as soon as they are complete.

This post is the culmination of updates that have occurred over that time. I'm happy to put a bow on a set of these changes and call it 0.3.0.

If you don't have the time to read the entire post, what you can look forward to on the site is account details sidebar, tracking of missed blocks per account, historical votes for each witness, an updated witness list, compact navigation on accounts, new ways to sort/filter all accounts, and some new api endpoints.

Account - Sidebar



Posts have had a sidebar with external links since they were created, so I figured why not do the same for accounts. There have been so many times where I've wanted to go off and look at an account on steemit or steemd, and I would just change the URL by hand.

No more, now you have links for easy access.

  • This sidebar has the "Author Card", which is the same element you'll find on each post. It's a brief overview of that account, which I'll be hopefully improving on in the future as we gain avatars and more details for each account.
  • Balances for the account, most of which you can hover over to get additional details for the related currency. The additional data includes interest payment dates, power down amounts and dates, and the balances which are stored in savings vs normal.
  • When this account was last updated by steemdb's crawlers.

Account - Witness Vote History



This chart shows a snapshot of your total incoming witness vote weights over time. It doesn't specifically show you why that value increased, but hopefully I'll be able to add that data over time.

For now it's a good indication of how you're performing as a witness in gathering votes.

Account List - Navigation



I've expanded the account list navigation to have many more sorting options, and am always looking for more. If you have any thoughts on great ways to sort/filter accounts, feel free to reach out!

My favorite new sorting method is...

Account List - Follower Weight



I'm pretty excited about this, and a big thanks @pfunk for coming up with the idea!

This is a new way to sort accounts, right now I have it called "Value of Followers".

This number is saved on each account, and is a sum of the VESTS for each follower of that account. It's an indication of how far your reach is for posting and reblogging other peoples posts.

If you're interested in what your value is, you can find it currently on the "Data" under the field followers_mvest. I'll work on surfacing it more as the site grows.

Witness List - Weekly Misses



One of the statistics that's always reported about witnesses is how many blocks they've missed. Unfortunately this isn't an incredibly useful number on it's own. One of the most recent additions to the witnesses page on steemdb now is how many blocks a witness has missed in the last 7 days.

Future plans for this data point include what percentage of blocks they've witnessed has been missed. I have the data collection started to build this out, but haven't yet implemented it.

If you click on either of the values in this column, you'll be brought to...

Account - Missed Blocks



This is a new page that shows missed blocks since I've started recording the data. As far as I know, the actual misses themselves aren't recorded in the blockchain itself. So I've started monitoring and recording whenever a block is missed.

These times are within a minute (when the script is scheduled) and should help witnesses comb through their logs to determine what went wrong at that point in time.

Full Patch Notes for 0.3.0

There's a ton of new changes in this version, more than I have time to write and annotate screenshots for. Here are the full patch notes, which are also available on github.

Major Updates:

  • Split all the account views into their own pages instead of tabs: This will allow for more complex operations on each individual page. They can be recreated as tabs in the future, except as js calls to load new content. It's also very nice to be able to refresh the page you're on for updates!
  • Storage of 30 days worth of blocks in a capped collection: Most of our queries against the block collection are limited to 30 days. By creating a secondary collection and limiting it to 30 days, we can improve query time and only use the block database for queries longer than 30 days.
  • API to return information about the top 50 witnesses and their votes
    • Example:
  • API for current witness vote weight per day, per account
    • Example:
  • API for current account information
    • Example:

Additional Updates:

- Save a total balance for SBD/STEEM while gathering history - Allow for hovering into tooltips - Added link to top 50 witnesses api in labs - Reflect total balances on account page (+savings) - Changed account history to a definition table - Tooltips on account balances for more information - New operation types from 0.14 - Updates to witness list - Changed filtering to savings + normal balances - Scroll overflow on our definition table labels - Updating tracked fields in the history service for 0.14.2 - Wrapped the witness table in a horizontally scrollable div for mobile use - Better and more pretty json responses from the API - Making the misses on witness pages into a tiny label to stand out more - Displaying the update time on the accounts page - Added chart to each accounts witness page with growth - If the signing key is null or empty, make the witness row red - Alignment and attaching the table to the menu - Sorting by the sum of the vests of all followers for each account - Sorting by other balance types - Allow active on the account navigation for accounts as well as account controllers - Indication when a page is a snapshot and not live data - More clear UI for misses on witness page - Widening of the first column on the account overview - Show full UTC time instead of approx for missed blocks - Added SP to the account sidebar - Number formatting for vest2sp - Matching the buttons to the account view page - Some clarification headers on different sections - Only pass the account name and not the document - Fixed regex to allow dashes/numbers in usernames - Also store the creation datetime - Added a check for missed blocks to the witness script - Moved the card above the external links - Added a note with what time the snapshot originated - Added a sidebar to the account page - Reworked menu items into dropdowns - Renamed author card to account and added reputation - WitnessMiss Model - Added how many misses in the last week to witnesses - Added a page to view blocks that witnesses miss - Allowed for filtering of votes (incoming/outgoing) - Added a basic page to view individual blocks - Try/catch around the actual calls themselves - this all needs to be moved to JS - Adjusted the warning range up to a week (per white paper) - Split listing of accounts off account controller to accounts - Database Index for name/vest sorting - Attempting to load an account and handling errors - Added node configuration to the service - Added cli_wallet commands to the sidebar of posts - More witness page status effects - Open external links in a new tab - API endpoint for tracking most active downvoters

As always, thanks for the support in all forms. I love building data driven information sites like this and you have all been incredibly welcoming. I'll keep doing what I can do to improve the quality of life for us all.

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