steemdb 0.2.0 - rshares allocation browser, new data api's and some minor improvements

With a focus on data, the new labs section of is now live, including 5 unique API endpoints as well as a new way to browse reward share distributions.

Since steemdb is still a relatively new project, I'm still exploring what this site really is becoming. I'd encourage you to read the update to steemstats, at the bottom I spoke a bit about the direction of steemstats + steemdb in the coming months.

Welcome to the Lab

steemdb labs

A new section of steemdb is now live - the lab. The lab is for experimental views and data, to help us (the community) learn more about exactly what is happening within the steem ecosystem. Any time someone asks for a specific data view or way to analyze the data, I'll be adding a link to it here.

At it's launch, this section has one experimental view and 5 new api endpoints. Some of these endpoints are somewhat slow still, as I'm still working on optimizing the queries in the database.

Reward Shares allocated by voter, per day

rshares browser

I've been chatting with @clayop recently about finding ways to determine who is contributing the most day by day to the rewards of posts. This new page is a set of data to show you how many reward shares each voter has allocated per day.

You can browse day by day using the navigation, just like on the homepage. The information on this page is as follows:

  • Total Reward Shares: The total sum of every reward share allocated to every post that day (UTC Time). It's a huge number, that's for sure.
  • Voters: The total unique voters that day

This data is then followed by a table of the 100 most impactful voters that day, sorted by total rshares distributed. This table includes:

  • The rank/position of their contributions.
  • The percentage of overall contributions they contributed for the day.
  • The actual number value of these contributions.
  • The total votes that account cast in that day.
  • A link to view more about that account.

From this table, you can see who is dishing out the most rewards that day. I'm incredibly curious to know what the community thinks of this data, if it's useful, and what other kinds of data you'd be curious in knowing.

Public APIs

The labs page also features a number of API endpoints for you to use for your analysis or websites. They were APIs that I needed for various purposes or that the community has asked for.

  • currency supply: A day by day view of each of the currencies. It aggregates and creates the total values based on snapshots of every single account by day.
  • global props history: If you've worked with steemd before, you've likely used the global dynamic properties. This is a historical feed of this data, with a snapshot being created every 6 hours.
  • percentage vesting: The percentage of steem held as vests over time.
  • voter rshares: This is the equivalent of the reward shares browser listed above, in API format.
  • down voters: A list of the 20 most prolific down voters each day. Useful for keeping tabs on those likely abusing the system.

Follower Details

follower details

By popular request, I've added some account information/details to the Followers and Following tabs of each account. Both of these tabs are sorted by VESTS/SP by default.


30 day charts

All charts are now 30-day charts, which lets you actually see which date it was instead of just guessing. This also helped improve load times on the site, so it was a win-win.

Misc Fixes

  • Added support for new operations in 0.14.0
  • Witness Voting calculations now include proxy votes
  • Created new indexes to improve database load times
  • Added filtering + pagination to the accounts page late last week


This is an open source project, anyone's welcome to contribute. I realize the specific technologies aren't common within this community, but I'm more than happy to assist someone in building specific features that might help benefit the community.

Right now creating new ways to expose "big data" from the blockchain has been my goal. Having a database like this synchronized with the blockchain allows for some in-depth analysis in ways we might not otherwise have had.

Feel free to reach out in in or here on steemit if you have ideas for features, requests for data, or are looking to chat.

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