Vessel Connectivity + SteemDB syncing (after yesterday's downtime)

After the downtime experienced yesterday, many services are still coming back online and some connectivity may still be limited. I've received a number of messages today about using Vessel and not being able to connect, so I figured a PSA was in order to help get those struggling connected again.

If the server you've used previously is currently unavailable while using Vessel, head into the settings tab and enter:

You'll be able to connect and start using Vessel again, while the rest of the API servers are still replaying and getting re-established. This is a server I've been running for the past year or so, and while currently proxying websocket requests to, will swap back over to my server once the reindexing of the blockchain is completed.

On a related note - is back online and catching up on the data it missed out on since the blockchain has recovered. It will take a bit to process the blocks that have been generated today, but will eventually catch up. The witnesses page is functional again and account history is also being processed once more.

Thanks goes out to @almost-digital for both developing and pointing out lineman to me, which was why was able to come back online so quickly!

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