Vessel 0.0.6 - Steem Power Delegation

Thanks to some help from @fabien with steem-js and @vandeberg for pointing out the APIs, the newest release of Vessel now lets you manage Steem Power Delegation.

Newest Version: 0.0.6a

Download available on github for macOS, Windows and Linux.

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Steem Power Delegation Screen

The interface is found within the Accounts section. This interface shows all accounts loaded, their total vests, available vests to delegate, how many vests are already delegated and where they are delegated to. The green plus button lets you start a new delegation.

Delegation Setup

Clicking the + button will prompt you for two pieces of information:

  • An Account Name: Which account you'd like to delegate to.
  • The Amount: The slider allows you to configure how many vests will be delegated to that account.

I've also included a messages at the bottom of the screen with a small explanation of delegation.

Displaying Active Delegations

The overview screen now displays your active delegation(s), who they are to, the amount, and the date it can be revoked. Each row also has a small orange trash can, which let's you remove the delegation and revoke your vests.

When revoking the delegation, the VESTS will be locked in limbo for 7 days. This is to prevent people from double voting with the same Steem Power twice.

Change Log

  • Added Steem Power Delegation and Cancelling
  • Sending Interface
    • After a transaction is sent, only the to, amount and memo fields will reset, instead of everything.
    • Added OpenLedger to the list of exchanges (as well as memo fields in the settings).
  • Vesting/Power Down
    • The power down popup got a slight facelift and a few colors.
  • Accounts
    • Added the SP Delegation Tab
    • Added icons to each of the menu items.
  • Experimental Key Generation
    • Added a close button so you can get out without restarting
    • Added copy to clipboard for all sections - thanks to @AugustoL for adding that in!
  • Various bug fixes + linting

Next up

I'm planning to stop on Vessel for a little bit and focus on chainBB for the coming weeks. I will address any critical issues that arise as they're reported but no new features will be implemented in the near future. At this point I'm personally using the wallet for all of my accounts daily.

One last thing, are you a twitter user?

If so - make sure to take part in Bobby Lee's twitter poll and vote for Steem as the currency that should be added to BTCC. The more exchanges we can get supporting Steem, the more options all of us will have to buy or sell Steem :)

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