A forum for developers and reviving the #steem-dev tag

In an attempt to rally developers, I have created a new forum on chainBB - Steem Developers.

I'd encourage all developers to use the #steem-dev tag as the first tag on their posts to participate within this new developer-focused community. If you're using chainBB, this tagging will happen automagically.

Topics I'd encourage using this tag are:

  • Questions about developing with Steem.
  • Announcements of new open source projects that developers can hack on.
  • Releases of frameworks and libraries designed to aid in the development of steem-related projects.
  • Tutorials on how to develop Steem apps.

I will personally be participating in a lot of the discussions using this tag, using chainBB. So please make sure to include the tag as the first tag, so I can see it too :)

Edit - thanks to @transisto for pointing out that a number of devs are already using #steemdev. Goes to show how great our tags page is... that one didn't even show up and I didn't realize it existed :/

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