[COMPLETE] Maintenance of chainBB - indexes missing

UPDATE: This maintenance is now complete and the forums are fully populated again.

Just as a heads up - the chainBB forums are looking pretty empty because the DB got wiped within the last 8 hours. Not sure how/why, could be that the DB was accessible somehow and someone dropped them, or that the beta environment running within docker just took a dump. I haven't spent a lot of time with the infrastructure yet because this is still one huge test, but this highlights the need for a little of my time towards it.

Luckily, nothing of value is actually stored in these indexes or the database!

I have a huge EC2 instance on standby that needs to sync the blockchain and then rerun the indexer, then just import it over into the beta server, and we'll be right back to where we started. The beta forums should be back and 100% running again within the next few hours.

On a separate topic, I'm hoping to add "Sticky" posts at some point this week, and hopefully add a "Decline Payouts" button to the post creation process. Both of these options would be very well suited for posts like this.

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