temporarily down

Just as a heads up - is down temporarily (occurred about one hour before from the timestamp of this post). I have a ticket open, but I'm assuming the internet has been knocked out near the data center as there's reports of a lot of people's servers experiencing downtime and the weather report shows severe storms passing through the area.

I finally get to the point where I have a bit of redundancy at the server level, and now the data center goes down completely :)

I'd guess the server will be back up in the next few hours as services are restored in the area.

Update - 10:30a GMT - Server is back online, but the steemd node was abruptly shutdown + block_log corrupted and needs to be replayed. That's in progress now, I expect it to take about 4-6 hours before I can start using my local (fast) steem apis for indexing. In the mean time, the indexer is now using the public nodes and will slowly start catching up.

Update - 6:00p GMT - Steem got to 99% of replaying, then decided to randomly crash and restart itself, causing some weird locking issues. Forced to restart the server and start the replay over again in an attempt to resolve the issue. It'll keep indexing like it is using public nodes, but it'll take about 2-5 minutes for any posts/content to show up.

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