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Vessel 0.0.9 - Witness voting, improved delegation controls, auths, and custom_json ops

If you're active on a few of the various chats or github, you may have noticed that last week I released Vessel 0.0.9 quietly. This post is to announce that release and catch anyone up that may haven't noticed. This new release introduces a couple of new features, including witness voting, which was implemented by a contribution once again from @netuoso.

Before we dive in, the obligatory "halp what's vessel?" information...


(11/18) chainBB downtime report

chainBB was down for approximately 3 hours today due to a hard reboot (not of my doing) of the server it's API and blockchain processors exist on. Thanks to @lukestokes for the heads up that chainBB wasn't working.

The services are still catching up (indicated by the message at the top of the screen) using public RPC nodes while the local full node it uses comes back online. steemd has a nasty habit of corrupting the block_log when not shut down gracefully, so currently the server is pulling a fresh copy from a seed node and will then replay/reindex the blockchain afterwards. I imagine this will take another 3-4 hours to complete, and during that time, new content may be slower than usual to appear on the site.


chainBB 0.5.0 preview in GIF format

It's the end of a long day playing with the code for the new release. I figured I'd share a preview before I crash.

If you'd like to play with the interface yourself - there's a dev build on If you want to click around and do what I just did with that gif, here's the link to @timcliff's post:


Big list of bots who reply to posts - 2nd edition

A couple months ago, I started compiling a list of bots who reply to other peoples posts on the Steem blockchain. This is the 2nd edition of that list, now properly placed inside the /f/steemdev forums on chainBB for developers to reference. I'll continue maintaining and adding to this list for future reference.

The primary version of this list now exists within the chainBB github repository and the bots are listed below:


What are you building right now?

Quick note to my followers - this is a forum post in /f/steemdev for the #steemdev-megathread tag on You'll probably see a few posts like this from me over the next few weeks as I figure out how to separate my blogging identity with my forum identity. I'll write a post with more on that later, along with what I think the frontends need to do to bring order to all these different content types.

Since @netuoso's post announcing the /f/steemdev forum - I've been trying to remember what it was like to be on a forum. It's been a while since I've actually had a forum to participate in/be a part of. I figured I'd start by trying a megathread for developers working in steem. What's a megathread? It's a thread to post things about a similar topic over a set period of time. Things that don't really deserve a new forum or blog post, but you'd still like to write about somewhere. These threads can be whatever you make them (stories, questions, event-related, pictures only) and can last as long as the community has interest in them.