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welcome to my little corner of the blockchain Migration Completed

Some of you may have noticed over the weekend that was offline with a message about it migrating servers. The database ended up finally growing to the point where I couldn't squeeze any more space to fit it in, so I had to move the entire website/database to a different server.

Luckily I had one readily available, partially in thanks due to my work with @greymass. Not only will this move reduce my cost in running it (which at this point, are more than all my witness rewards), but will also increase the capacity available by nearly 4x, meaning should be fine for a few years to come in terms of growth.


Vessel 0.2.8 - Bug Fix

Just a quick update to Vessel, for those using it. I had a few free moments towards the beginning of the week and ended up pushing out 0.2.8.

There aren't a ton of changes, but they are listed below:


The recent controversy between Steemit Inc and the community - the premine, control, and where it leads this blockchain

I'm not going to candy coat any of this, since I think the greater community needs a splash of realism and less pandering. At this point in time I have nothing to lose (besides wasting my time) and just think this entire situation is absurd. The vast majority of the "scare" surrounding the issues discussed over the last week have no actual merit and are, in my opinion, cases of manipulation to maintain the status quo.

Buckle up, this is going to be a long one.


Vessel Connectivity + SteemDB syncing (after yesterday's downtime)

After the downtime experienced yesterday, many services are still coming back online and some connectivity may still be limited. I've received a number of messages today about using Vessel and not being able to connect, so I figured a PSA was in order to help get those struggling connected again.

If the server you've used previously is currently unavailable while using Vessel, head into the settings tab and enter:


2018/07/28 - Incident Report - Witness + Failover Crash

I just wanted to take a few moments now that the smoke is clearing to highlight what happened and why my witness missed so many blocks today. It was a combination of events that caused both my primary witness to crash and the failover to not react accordingly.

TLDR - It was my fault and I'm taking steps to prevent this in the future.