- steem account monitoring & statistics

I really wanted a tool to exist to help me track the content I wrote, so I made one. Yesterday I wrote about a proof of concept I did for a traditional blog powered by steem. Today's proof of concept was developed so I could watch what was happening in yesterday's post.

So today I present to you, A live updating dashboard for stats important to you.

A tool to watch activity on your account

It's pretty basic and only has one feature right now: watching your posts. Well, anyone's posts really, watch whoever you want!

Here's how it works:

  1. You use the left text area to add an account name
  2. Hit enter
  3. The application will start watching that account's activity
  4. Remove them when you're done with the X button

This is another project that is less than 24 hours old. Originally I started building it to track POW mining, but got side tracked making it work for posts. So you can expect there to be a mining tab on there soon.

A thank you

Huge shout out and thanks to @xeroc, who runs for other developers to build on. SteemStats is powered by his API right now.

Call for what you'd like to see

I'm soley building this around the things I want to see right now, but I also want to know what types of things you want to track. I'll be honest, I don't know steem as well as I probably should. There are things in steem that I haven't even used yet that I'm sure would be super useful.

For example, trades. I haven't dabbled with it yet, so I don't even know what I'd want to see about my activity. Interest, calculators, there's so much data to play with.

If you've got ideas, I'd love to hear em. I enjoy building these things!


Tooltips on cashouts (Update 1)

Added the ability to hover over the total cashout value and pending cashout values like so:


The accounts you're tracking now save (Update 2)

There have been too many times I leave the page and come back, having to enter my account names again. No more! It now saves across sessions in your browsers localstorage. For those curious: all it's storing is the account names, nothing more.

Voting Power Monitor (Update 3)

Each account now has it's voting power displayed in the sidebar. That area is getting a little crowded, I'll likely move some of the information off into a separate area soon.

Mining + Votes + Comments (Update 4)

I added 3 new tabs:

  • Votes: Displays the most recent votes you've received or given.
  • Mining: Displays the most recent blocks you've found.
  • Comments: Displays the most recent comments associated with the selected accounts. This still needs some work, and it would be nice if you could go further in the past.

Layout changes + experimenting with interest (Update 5)

Last one for the night. I updated the original animated gif at the top of the post that shows the new layout.

I also added a Interest navigation element, that if you visit, will estimate interest paid out on steempower. It doesn't factor in compound interest yet, so the numbers are lower than they should be. I'll continue working on this section until it's a lot closer to accurate. If anyone has advice on how to calculate this, I'd love to hear it!

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