steemstats 0.3.4 - new live post inspector and incoming witness votes

TLDR - Today's update includes a new live post inspector, incoming witness votes, an improved following/followers matrix, notifications for witness votes, reputation for each account, estimated vote impacts, fixes for POW2 mining, fixed SBD interest, and a new informative welcome screen.

Before I dive too far into the updates, I wanted to give a small status/personal update.

I've been pretty busy over the last week working on a lot of non-steem related things. I've only been working a couple hours a day on steem related projects, which isn't ideal. That's life though. On a positive note - I've had the opportunity to talk to a lot of new people in the steem community recently, and it's been incredible. The people surrounding this project have been nothing but awesome and supportive. Exciting days ahead, and I'm optimistic about the collective's trajectory.

Anyways, enough with the rambling, here's what just changed on!

Live Post Inspector


This is a feature I'm pretty excited about, thanks to @someguy123 for the inspiration to start the changes. This feature used to be the "Vote Distribution" popup, where you could see the impact of votes on a specific post. I've taken it one step further, and now it's a tool to monitor a post in real time.

One of the coolest features of this new panel (at least I think) is highlighted in the red box in the screenshot above. It's an estimated value of each vote, based on the round shares that the vote brought.

The header also includes some base statistics about the post itself. If you have additional ideas and information you'd like highlighted about a post as you're watching it, please let me know!

Incoming Witness Votes


As someone who started the witness process a couple days ago, I found the need for a way to monitor changes in approval votes. Now if you look in the "Incoming Votes" area under "Activity", you'll find any recent witness votes. This area now also allows you to filter witness votes, allowing for a bit more focus.

Improved Following/Followers Matrix


For each account, you can now see the relationship status between followers. There is a legend at the top of the page to highlight these new relationship statuses. Here's a brief rundown:

  • If you're on the "Following" section:
    • A checkmark means that the account on top is following the account on the left.
    • A blue check in a box means that the accounts are following each other.
  • If you're on the "Followed" section:
    • A checkmark means that the account on the left is following the account on top.
    • A blue check in a box means that the accounts are following each other.

I hope this makes it easier for those of you who keep track of these things!



A relatively small change, but the sidebar now shows your reputation.

Other Changes

- [x] A new welcome page has been added, giving a brief rundown of the site's features. - [x] Adjusted SBD Interest calculations to divide by 12 months (since it's APR). - [x] The incoming votes page now shows the exact time the vote was cast. - [x] New notification added for incoming witness votes - [x] Votes interface now shows a 100% scale instead of 10k. - [x] Filtering for witness votes has been added to incoming votes. - [x] Added POW2 capturing for miners - [x] Added a "Load More" button to the mining page

In closing, a thank you to everyone who has supported my witness application, replied and left feedback, voted on any of my posts, or spent their time chatting with me on

Over the past month it's been a great pleasure to be a part of this community.

$ 3382.518 SBD