steemstats 0.3.1 - power down, sbd interest, and usernames in urls

Small update for the weekend consisting of "nice to have" features people have been asking for. I have been focusing more on SteemPress and a few new projects more over the past week.

Also, if you're a designer, I've got a bounty running for a theme for one of my other projects.

0.3.1. Update:

- [x] Added Power Down rate and next withdraw to the account screen. - [x] Added SBD Interest earnings and next payout to the account screen. - [x] Added filters to the "Incoming Votes" section: you can now filter by comment or post votes. - [x] Added an error message to the top of the page if you've been disconnected. - [x] You can now specify usernames in the URL to automatically load specific accounts. - [x] Added a new option in settings that lets you configure how often to update the page. - [x] By default all Markdown/HTML is stripped from the post previews. - [x] Fixed a display issue on comment payouts (they were not being split between SBD and SP)

Usernames in URLs

SteemStats now accepts usernames as a parameter in the URL, like so:

  • - Loads jesta
  • - Loads jesta and xeroc

Usernames in the URLs do not save to your local machine, and once you visit the URL without any usernames in it, it will load whatever accounts are actually saved on your machine.

Need something? If you've got feature requests, keep them coming!

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