steemstats 0.3.0 - desktop notifications, estimated curation rewards, and lots more!

A new version of is live now including desktop notifications, estimated curation rewards, a new replies feed, a new navigation, user info popups, transaction filters, vote counters, following matrix, followers matrix and a settings panel.

I rushed a bit to get this build out the door because it also includes changes to how the app connects to the blockchain. It will hopefully throttle requests a little bit to help reduce load on the servers. So I apologize if you happen across any bugs that I haven't fixed yet! If you find one, just leave a comment below and I'll see what I can do.

Before I get started on the new features, if you're new to steemstats...

Steemstats is a project I started about two weeks ago. It's been rapidly evolving (update 0.2.0 & update 0.2.2) since then. No need to login or anything, just enter your account(s) into the sidebar and the app will scan the details of your account(s) from the blockchain.

It's purpose is to help you gain a better understanding of your account, your posts/comments, and the people you're interacting with. The entire app runs continuously in your browser collecting information as new blocks are found.

Shameless Plug

I'm also working on SteemPress, a self-hosted blogging solution for the steem blockchain. If you're a web designer/developer that's interested in helping (and/or money), I'm offering a bounty for a new, default SteemPress skin. I'm attempting to lure people into collaboration with rewards :)

The 0.3.0 Changes!

## User Information Popups

As a first step into deeper exploration, I've introduced an information popup whenever you click on an author's name. This popup will contain some information about the user, links to other sites with information about the user, as well as their recent post history and account statistics.

If there's any extra information you'd like to be able to view about a user quickly, let me know in the comments below!

## Desktop Notifications & Configuration


Pretty sure this was one of the first features that was asked for: Desktop Notifications. Well I finally got it implemented, so now you can be notified of new votes/comments on your posts even if it's not your active tab.

In the new settings area you can configure what types of notifications you'd like to receive as well as how long they should be displayed. I plan on building this section out a bit more so you can filter down what type of events on a per-account basis.

You can configure the settings and then hit "Test" to see what it would do.

## Estimated Curation Rewards + New Layout


This is one of the best changes in my opinion - the revamp on how posts are presented. The image above highlights the different areas of a post and what exactly they represent. This new display is used on both:

  • "Recent Activity": The activity feed of all the posts created by accounts you're following, as well as the posts that you've voted on.
  • "Posts": The posts that you have created.

Estimated Curation Rewards

I spent a lot of time on this and I'm still not 100% sure of it's accuracy, but it's close. The right most section of the new payout shows your curation rewards for that post. These rewards will continue to update and change until the moment it's paid out (based on other peoples activity). It will also display a line item for each account you're watching and individually calculate their curation rewards.

If you're looking for more information about the votes, weights, and rshares, use the vote inspect button on the far left.

## New Replies Feed


The old version of this page was just a table and it was somewhat hard to consume. So I changed it over to an actual feed. Each item in the feed is a response to a post that you wrote, helping you keep on top of responses to people that are engaging with your content.

This new design will likely also translate over to some new areas of the site in the future.

## Followers and Following Matrix


One of the things that's coming soon to is a better interface for followeres.

But, in the mean time, it's now under the new "Accounts" section of steemstats. You can see all of the accounts that are following the accounts you watch, or see all of the accounts which your accounts are following.

It displays it in a matrix style table to show the relationship.

I've got a number of things that need to be improved on these pages, but for now, it's useful information that you'd probably want to know about.

## Vote Counters per Account


The sidebar had balance information stripped out of it (wasn't super important to see 24/7), but has been replaced with how many votes each account has cast within the last 24 hours. Currently 20 votes per day is the target before reductions start happening.

I wish I could explain more about the 20 vote limit, but my google-fu is coming up short right now.

## Transaction Filtering


You can now specify what type of content you'd like to see under transactions. It's hard to find author rewards at times when they get drown out by curation rewards. This will let you filter down to what you want.

I'm not a huge fan of how the data is loading on this tab currently, you may have to hit load more a few times to pull data from the blockchain to see what you're looking for. Currently it's using your account history (which contains votes, transactions, etc) to paginate through the data, which doesn't account for the filter you selected. I also am not sure it goes back past 2000 history records. I'll hopefully be giving this some love in the future, but it might require me to really rethink how it works.

## Blockchain Sync Counter

A new counter will appear on the right hand side (the red number) of the activity tabs if we have queued data that needs to be loaded. This number is the amount of content that needs to be analyzed before the activity page is completely loaded.

Some of you that are monitoring 10-20 accounts, with each account having 100+ followings, were causing massive load on the servers because it was issuing those requests as fast as possible. This is primarily a throttling mechanism to reduce load on my servers and CPU load on your devices.

I'm still experimenting with the timing, so things are still subject to change.

Changes that don't warrant a screenshot

  • Navigation Revamped: The navigation is now split more logically into two groups, the black bar on the top and any sub-items are now tabs attached to the content.
  • Witnesses Page: Now has a link to where you can vote for the top 50 on I wish that page showed more or allowed for a search!
  • Accounts Section: Steem Power, Followers and Following have been moved into this section.
  • Block Height: The new navigation also has a block counter. It should tick up a few every 5 seconds or so as the app updates and new blocks are found. It's a good way to make sure you're still connected to the blockchain.

Things that still need to be done

  • Mobile: I wouldn't recommend it in it's current state. it would probably kill your bandwidth and your CPU at the same time :)
  • Outgoing Votes: I'm planning on adding a tab that lets you track your outgoing vote history.
  • Accounts Overview: This page is really boring right now. The plan is to add a lot more information about your accounts.

The future of SteemStats

I'm running up against a wall with a lot of the features I want to build around this platform. Whether it's related to historical data or better presentations of data, some of it just isn't possible right now.

So what's the plan? I'm going to find ways to make some of it possible. I'm learning a lot about the steem/ platforms right now, how everything fits together and I'm making connections with people to help expand that knowledge.

I've started contributing (sort of) to the open source project where I can, and I'm learning the actual steemd code so I can have a better understanding of the internals. On top of that, I'm working on SteemPress as an open source project. There's a lot on my plate ;)

The future looks bright, but updates are going to get even slower for steemstats unless there are some major breakthroughs in my understanding of things.

Thank you all for supporting this project, it's been amazing project thus far.

$ 1745.123 SBD