steemdb 0.4.0 - a rich history for every account

This is probably my favorite set of features (to date) working on this project - it answers so many questions I've had about my account's history I couldn't find elsewhere! In the 0.4.0 release of, new key features include curation reward history, author reward history, transfer history, power up history and power down history.

These features are available for any account, just visit and search for your account using the search bar on the top, and use the sub navigation to find different aspects of your account.

Before I go any further, a huge thank you to @arhag, who helped me gather this information by developing a modified version of steemd. I couldn't have done this as easily without the feature he added here. I hope this patch makes its way into the official build soon!

Sorry mobile users, the site still isn't really optimized on your end yet.

Rewards History

Ever been curious about what your long term rewards history looks like, in terms of both curation and author rewards? I have, and no where have I been able to view detailed information about these events until now.

The black/blue navigation bar on this page allows you to navigate between Curation and Author rewards.

Curation Reward History

Example URL:

The above screenshot and link shows off the new curation rewards page which is available for every account. You can browse through the entire history of curation rewards for an account until the beginning of time using the pagination on the bottom of the page.

I choose to represent the graph and statistical information in VESTS instead of STEEM POWER, because the blockchain actually has no record of the STEEM POWER (AFAIK) you earned in the past. If I had a source of historical conversion rates I could update to show estimates of those rewards, but at this time I do not have that information.

However, each individual record as you scroll shows an estimated earnings in STEEM POWER using today's current conversion rate. So technically if you never powered down those rewards, this is what those rewards have grown to at this date. Confusing I know, we'll work it out and make it more consumable as time progresses :)

Author Reward History

Example URL:

This screenshot and associated link shows off the new author rewards page. Similar to the curation rewards page, this page shows rewards for all of the posts and comments you've ever written. Currently there is no way to filter between the two types of posts easily, but it's something on my radar to improve.

Transfer History

A number of times recently I have been asked for very deep history about the accounting of an account, whether it be for a promotion being run or for personal records. There are currently a number of different ways you can transfer funds, and to start with my in depth data analysis, I've choose what I feel are the three most important:

  • STEEM transfers (or "Power Up") to VESTS
  • VESTS transfers (or "Power Down") to STEEM
  • SBD/STEEM transfers between accounts

In the future I plan on also adding transfers to/from savings accounts as well as escrow.

The black/blue navigation bar on this page allows you to navigate between Power Up, Power Down and Transfer history.

"Power Up" Transfer History (aka Vesting Deposit)

Example URL:

I hope @kevinwong doesn't mind me using him as an example. He has powered up 19x times in the last 30 days, so it made for a good chart :)

This new power up transfer page shows all conversions of STEEM to SP/VESTS an account has ever performed and lets you dig into it's history. The top of the page also features a chart with the amount powered up, each day, over the last 90 days.

The page itself shows how much STEEM was transfered into SP, but doesn't account for how many VESTS the user received. As with the two sections above, once I get my hands on some historical conversion information, I'll be able to generate estimates for these conversions but never exact amounts.

"Power Down" Transfer History (aka Vesting Withdraw)

Example URL:

This new page is the exact opposite of the power up page, and shows all power down transfers an account has ever made. The record being shown here is when the actual power down occurs, and not the request to power down.

Here you can see a week to week overview of how much STEEM POWER/VESTS a user has withdrawn into liquid STEEM. The chart at the top of the page shows the last 90 days of history (roughly 12-13 weeks) of power down transfers.

STEEM/SBD Transfer History

Example URL:

Last but not least is the actual transfer page, which shows all STEEM and SBD transfers involving the account you're viewing. You can use the pagination at the bottom to browse through the entire history of transfers.

I choose @bittrex as an example to show in the screenshot above simply because they have a large volume of incoming and outgoing transfer history.

Note: Most transactions are missing the "type" column of the data right now. I am working on a fix for this, but it will require a decent amount of time to replay the blockchain and correct this issue. In my rush to get this project started, I inadvertently stripped off the currency symbol without thinking to store it anywhere.

Additional Features

New navigation items for accounts

All of the new features described above are located under "Activity" with these two menu items.

The user sidebar sticks to the page now

These pages are getting long, so I figured it might be nice if the sidebar followed you down the page to provide context.


All of these new pages have pagination elements as shown above. This element is at the bottom of each page that lets you browse forward and backward in time.

Some charts have tooltips now

They are sort of terrible, but they show something at least.

I haven't implemented them on every chart simply because it was taking too long, and charts with multiple data segments were almost impossible to do. This charting solution, while looks great, has been rather difficult to use when trying to setup tooltips and interactions.

Full change log

If you're interested in seeing all the minor changes (I won't include here), I'd invite you to check out the github commit history. This is an open source project, anyone can contribute and run it if they choose to.

I'm excited to have these updates deployed and I hope you enjoy! It'll likely be a few weeks before another update to steemdb is deployed, and on the radar is steemstats like features and new/better charting of data.

If you have something you'd specifically like to see, please let me know. While I haven't gotten around to everyones ideas, I do keep track of all suggestions and review them as I'm looking for fun new things to accomplish.

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