[PSA] steem.ws + golos.ws = downtime

Just providing a heads up with what's going on surrounding these public API servers.

I've been working on the both of these on and off for the last 3 days since they've both encountered issues of falling behind on blocks, forking off, and now while rebuilding hitting "unlinkable block" errors. With HF19 due tomorrow, and myself still needing to upgrade a number of other servers, I'm taking these both offline.

This morning I woke up after the 3rd replay of node.steem.ws to find

``` 394288ms tha forkdatabase.cpp:43 pushblock ] Pushing block to fork database that failed to link: 00c28867f008d2d091f18d92ae0383db6971e205, 12748903 394288ms tha forkdatabase.cpp:44 pushblock ] Head: 12748898, 00c28862c05ae3eded793d0c6fa34e39fc6b7cd8 394288ms tha application.cpp:517 handleblock ] Error when pushing block: 4080000 unlinkableblockexception: unlinkable block block does not link to known chain {} tha forkdatabase.cpp:64 pushblock

th_a  database.cpp:625 _push_block



``` 393272ms tha database.cpp:2678 _applyblock ] 13 N5boost12interprocess9badallocE: boost::interprocess::badalloc boost::interprocess::badalloc: {"o":{"voter":"lingfei","author":"papa-pepper","permlink":"steem-pocalype-survival-game-contest-season-3-day-5-round-2-700-steem-prize-pool-so-far-yes-700","weight":6500},"what":"boost::interprocess::badalloc"} tha steemevaluator.cpp:1543 do_apply

th_a  database.cpp:2879 _apply_transaction



The plan is to decommission the existing public API's I run, both golos.ws and steem.ws, and setup brand new (and upgraded servers).

Apologies for the downtime thus far, and moving into the future. In the mean time, I'd recommend you point your scripts to one of the other public API's available:

  • wss://steemd.steemit.com
  • wss://seed.bitcoiner.me
  • wss://gtg.steem.house:8090

or use @almost-digital's new fancy tool to help find one:


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