Welcome to the chainBB General Forum + a little reorganization

Since we don't have categories existing or everything yet - I've decided to make a new tag (chainbb-general) that will be used for the new General Discussion forum. I wanted the new forum to start with a clean slate, so I choose a very specific and unused tag to signify inclusion.

You're free to post anything within this category for discussion with the chainBB (and Steem!) community. If you're a Steem user and want to write a post within this forum from steemit.com, just remember to use chainbb-general as the first tag to cause it to appear in this forum :)

The chainBB.com Discussions forum is now in a new category called "Projects", and the forums have been reorganized in the following structure:

  • Community Requested Forums: The community requested forums are the forums that the users have requested so far, and I want to give them a bit of priority since these users are the ones helping to test the platform.
  • Steem Projects: Steem-related projects are more than welcome to organize their communities here, and if you run a steem project and want a forum, we can get you added.
  • Blockchain Forums: A series of forums dedicated to various cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.
  • Steem Forums: The steem forums themselves have been moved to the bottom, since they are probably the forums used by the lowest percentage of a potential user base.

This is subject to change, as this is an evolving platform with a brand new community.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback thus far!

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