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Vessel 0.2.3 - Bug Fixes

Since the release of Vessel 0.2.0, I've been busy talking to many of you and working hard to resolve the bugs you've encountered. The version now has jumped 3 revisions and is 0.2.3, with a few improvements and a number of bug fixes for various operating systems.

Before going too much further:


Vessel 0.2.0 - Interact with Steem securely from any website

I'm incredibly excited today to release the next version of Vessel - which features a brand new way to interact with the Steem blockchain from anywhere on the internet. It is my hope that this effort helps unlocks the potential of the Steem blockchain by empowering developers and content creators with tools to interact with their audiences anywhere.

A bit of background on Vessel before going too much further:


opbuilder - a tiny tool to help build & understand steem ops

The past few days I've been working on a few new ways to interact with the Steem blockchain, and needed a tool that could create all of the various operations that users can perform. Here's the result, hopefully some other developers will find it useful:


Vessel 0.0.9 - Witness voting, improved delegation controls, auths, and custom_json ops

If you're active on a few of the various chats or github, you may have noticed that last week I released Vessel 0.0.9 quietly. This post is to announce that release and catch anyone up that may haven't noticed. This new release introduces a couple of new features, including witness voting, which was implemented by a contribution once again from @netuoso.

Before we dive in, the obligatory "halp what's vessel?" information...


(11/18) chainBB downtime report

chainBB was down for approximately 3 hours today due to a hard reboot (not of my doing) of the server it's API and blockchain processors exist on. Thanks to @lukestokes for the heads up that chainBB wasn't working.

The services are still catching up (indicated by the message at the top of the screen) using public RPC nodes while the local full node it uses comes back online. steemd has a nasty habit of corrupting the block_log when not shut down gracefully, so currently the server is pulling a fresh copy from a seed node and will then replay/reindex the blockchain afterwards. I imagine this will take another 3-4 hours to complete, and during that time, new content may be slower than usual to appear on the site.