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welcome to my little corner of the blockchain - Migration complete and a few thoughts on it's future.

Well, it took longer than I anticipated, but is slowly coming back to life.

The data migration I started a couple days ago completed earlier today and I'm bringing the services back online. If you still see the "DB Migration" message still (on every page), your DNS has not updated to the new server. The DNS should update in the coming hours and the site will then become available once more.


SteemDB Migration - ETA ??

Once again, just a quick post to keep you all informed.

I'm currently migrating SteemDB to a new server. To keep the transfer rate at it's maximum throughput I've disabled the site and it's APIs. I'm not entirely sure how long this process is going to take due to how I'm being forced to perform the migration (due to the limited resources of the existing server).


Historical rates for VESTS and STEEM

I've been digging around all day today looking for historical rates related to VESTS and their equivalent value in Steem that day. tracks this value, but it's missed a couple days and doesn't have any data recorded before August of 2016. So, after a suggestion from @netuoso in chat, reading an article by @timcliff, and tapping into @furion's awesome, I was finally able to find a way to actually estimate these values for almost every day.

Day-by-day historical breakdown of VESTS/STEEM Read more... - Downtime (Back online) is currently offline for an unknown reason. I've reached out to the hosting company to start resolving the matter and will update once it's back online.~~

Host is back online, sorry about the inconvenience!


Vessel 0.2.3 - Bug Fixes

Since the release of Vessel 0.2.0, I've been busy talking to many of you and working hard to resolve the bugs you've encountered. The version now has jumped 3 revisions and is 0.2.3, with a few improvements and a number of bug fixes for various operating systems.

Before going too much further: