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A forum for developers and reviving the #steem-dev tag

In an attempt to rally developers, I have created a new forum on chainBB - Steem Developers.

I'd encourage all developers to use the #steem-dev tag as the first tag on their posts to participate within this new developer-focused community. If you're using chainBB, this tagging will happen automagically.


Vessel - desktop wallet pre-release - looking for feedback

Introducing Vessel - a desktop wallet for Steem

One thing I've always wanted was some sort of wallet to store my private keys in for Steem. Nearly every other blockchain project I'm interested has them, so I decided to take a some time and build one. I'm calling it Vessel, which can be a play on words for either "a vessel powered by steam" or "a vessel containing steam".


A Reprint blog for the chainBB forums - and the rant that came along with it.

For me, what started off with building a bunch of toys (steemstats/steemdb) ended up leading to vast amounts of inspiration and the desire to get involved. Having been a member of the Steem community for almost a year, the past 6 months of my life have been incredibly focused what I envision the "pillars" of a Steem-based web could be. Pillars aren't specific websites - but types of websites and apps that need to exist to facilitate true, internet-saturating communities. Blogs, Forums, Sharing, Social, eCommerce, etc - all are examples of what could be considered pillars (along with many others I'm sure).

All of these could be on the blockchain, either together on one or spread across many.


Collapsing and Expanding Forums

A quick feature update to help customize your forums index on chainBB.

The preferences are saved to your browser so the next time you visit the page it will remember your selections.


[COMPLETE] Maintenance of chainBB - indexes missing

UPDATE: This maintenance is now complete and the forums are fully populated again.

Just as a heads up - the chainBB forums are looking pretty empty because the DB got wiped within the last 8 hours. Not sure how/why, could be that the DB was accessible somehow and someone dropped them, or that the beta environment running within docker just took a dump. I haven't spent a lot of time with the infrastructure yet because this is still one huge test, but this highlights the need for a little of my time towards it.