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chainBB v0.2 - posting system revamp (with reward beneficiaries!!)

The most common bug reported lately has involved strange error messages and losing posts - which is probably one of the most frustrating situations that a user can encounter. This week my primary focus was on alleviating this issue and at least reducing some of the pain points around this issue, and rebuilding the posting system to support some brand new features (hurray reward beneficiaries!).

Today marks the release of chainBB v0.2, which will be a series of updates focusing on refining the user experience and tidying up the code. Before we dive into that though, for those of you who are new...


steemdb - profiles for apps/platforms

With chainBB being one of my top priorities at the moment, I've been working slowly over the past couple weeks on some statistics to track the performance of all of these new apps/platforms coming out for the Steem blockchain. Today I'm happy enough with how it's turned out, so I've added the apps section to the block explorer I tinker with,

If you haven't been to in a long time... there's a lot that's changed this year. I haven't really written much about it simply because I've been busy actually working on other projects. But this I feel warrants a post since there's so much interest in Steem blockchain powered apps.


chainBB beta update - new forums + claiming rewards + post previews

The last week has been a busy one, but I've been listening to feedback and have a few of the most requested features live on chainBB.

As always, the beta is available here:


Peerplays blockchain launched, and throwing my hat in to the witness list

Today was a pretty awesome day.

A group of around 13 potential witnesses watched and waited for the Peerplays blockchain to launch all day, periodically checking in on telegram, and joking around with anticipation. In the mid afternoon hours, the chat lit up as one of the members noticed the 0.1.7 tag released on github, which compiled and attached to an already running chain. It was live!


An experimental script for running ICO-like events on Steem

With a lot of talk happening around UIA (User Issued Assets) on Steem, I decided to spend a day experimenting with how we could use some of the existing data storage here on the Steem blockchain to actually run an ICO-like event. Without actually having smart contracts like ETH, the service itself I wrote is a sort of "fake" smart contract that runs much like a bot would, using steem-python. It's no where near as secure as a real smart contract however, as you actually have to trust the user running the script to do you right.

The source code is available here.