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testing, 1, 2, 3!

Just a test post for parsing within a concept application.


jesta witness update - jan/feb 2017

Checking in and providing a status update since it's been far too long.

I have been somewhat inactive (posting) since the Holiday and wanted to summarize the last few months. The reason for the inactivity has been due to multiple very time consuming reasons - with one being a move across the US that started with an unknown destination. A move was needed, that's all I knew. I'm happy to say that some direction has finally been set and decisions made, the move is finally in progress, and I'll be settling down into a new home early to mid March.


STEEM Forum Interface (Prototype)

Over the last two weeks or so I've been fiddling with the STEEM blockchain and what it would look like if it were a formatted like a more traditional forum. Today I'm happy to share the results of this experiment, with the goals of collecting feedback and any ideas related to it you may have.

This prototype forum is not finished or optimized, so I apologize for any slowness or strange errors you might run into. A permanent link to the forums experiment is also available in the Labs section of


jesta witness update - 2016-12-02

With v0.16.0 coming next week, it's been the focus of most of my attention (alongside of Reprint). It's also been a few weeks since my last update, and I imagine the frequency of my updates through the rest of the year won't improve an incredible amount. This time of year (with the holidays) ends up always being incredibly demanding of time :)

1. Accomplished the last half of November:

Some UX/thinking around Links as content types

There's one specific quote I really want to dive into from steemitblog's latest post, "Proposed Upgrade for Blockchain Incentives".

Specifically this line, towards the bottom under "Different Curation Rewards for Different Content Types":