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chainBB beta update - account pages, editing, notifications and sticky posts

Over the last couple weeks I've been engaging heavily in discussion with those providing feedback about chainBB. I'm going to try to start bundling changes together and providing updates maybe once or twice a week. The rate of development may cause this to fluctuate, but things are progressing nicely!

The updates today are primarily foundational. They are elements that need to exist so I can build upon them and expand their functionality, as well as collect feedback.


Vessel 0.0.6 - Steem Power Delegation

Thanks to some help from @fabien with steem-js and @vandeberg for pointing out the APIs, the newest release of Vessel now lets you manage Steem Power Delegation.

Download available on github for macOS, Windows and Linux.


Welcome to the chainBB General Forum + a little reorganization

Since we don't have categories existing or everything yet - I've decided to make a new tag (chainbb-general) that will be used for the new General Discussion forum. I wanted the new forum to start with a clean slate, so I choose a very specific and unused tag to signify inclusion.

You're free to post anything within this category for discussion with the chainBB (and Steem!) community. If you're a Steem user and want to write a post within this forum from, just remember to use chainbb-general as the first tag to cause it to appear in this forum :)


chainBB beta beneficiaries moving to 15%

This may be a somewhat controversial move - but it's probably best done before the project goes on any longer.

As of this post, I am raising the post beneficiaries amount (the amount shared with the platform) up to 15% of rewards. Previously this value was set at 1% for testing while I discussed the options for growing chainBB with others.


Any react/redux devs experienced with react-intl? Looking for guidance/advice.

I've started localizing Vessel to support multiple languages, since that was the first thing requested.

Right now I'm using react-intl, react-intl-redux, and babel-plugin-react-intl, and have hooks on rehydrate and in the action to change preferences to set the user's desired locale. The code I implemented feels messy though and could use some improvement.