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jesta witness update - 2016-12-02

With v0.16.0 coming next week, it's been the focus of most of my attention (alongside of Reprint). It's also been a few weeks since my last update, and I imagine the frequency of my updates through the rest of the year won't improve an incredible amount. This time of year (with the holidays) ends up always being incredibly demanding of time :)

1. Accomplished the last half of November:

Some UX/thinking around Links as content types

There's one specific quote I really want to dive into from steemitblog's latest post, "Proposed Upgrade for Blockchain Incentives".

Specifically this line, towards the bottom under "Different Curation Rewards for Different Content Types":


jesta witness update - 2016-11-11

I think I'm planning on sticking to these updates at bi-weekly rate for now, since last week I didn't have much interesting to report and was pretty busy. This week, with next week's upcoming changes, I felt it was a good time to chime in.

1. Accomplished the week of 2016-11-11:

jesta witness update - 2016-10-30

Apologies for missing my update last week! I ended up getting lost in a few projects (and a few games). If I do miss an update I apologize, once a week is a lot more of a commitment than I originally anticipated :)

Golos launched, and I ended up setting up a decent amount of services to support their launch. and are both running now. Released an alpha of steemphp, a PHP library for interacting with steem. Implemented steemphp in Reprint. The abstraction between the two still needs to be worked out a bit more. Created test environments for high performance Reprint installations. Page load times are now sub 200ms, still a bit more room for improvement. Created a chart to track rewards on steem over the last 90 days. Also added a bit more data to the block pages. Researched a lot of different DNS solutions for - haven't been able to find anything that fits our needs. I basically am looking for a latency based dns load balancing solution, one that has nodes worldwide. We use AWS right now for this, but AWS doesn't have datacenters everywhere. Found a way to make steemdb update a lot more regularly - still needs full implementation. Lots of work on the cluster - I've actually migrated over to all new hosts as of today. Sorry about the downtime! Migrated all of my utility scripts over to a Raspberry Pi running a docker host. Each script is it's own little container. Currently running 3 scripts, and it looks like I could probably run hundreds of these small utilities from it. Low cost way to keep them running! Continued progress on where @greymass is heading. Read more...

jesta witness update - 2016-10-16

It's been a long time since I've been this busy, but a lot to show for it. Almost every project I'm touching, personal and @greymass related, all received attention this week. Apologies to everyone if over the past 2-3 days I've been unresponsive, I needed a bit of downtime!

1. Accomplished the week of 2016-10-16: