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Running my own curation trail experiment to promote chainBB testing/feedback

A couple week ago, @cryptoctopus ran an experiment - How to become a paid beta tester - to encourage users to give chainBB a shot and help solicit feedback. It brought many new users the chainBB to give it a shot and helped reward those users for doing so. 3 Days ago, that experiment ended and the auto voting stopped. It was simply too draining after HF19 to continue voting with the patterns he had set out. I decided to try my hand on it as well since it encouraged participation so well!

So starting last night, I crunched some numbers, and decided to take my own shot at it.


Public APIs back online: &

A couple days ago I wrote a PSA about both and being offline.

Happy to report that as of late last night, is back online on a new set of hardware, and as of an hour ago, is back as well. is catching up as we speak and the account pages once again load.


chainBB - voting controls update + estimated rewards (for HF19)

With a successful hardfork today and a changes happening to how voting percentages work - I figured it might be wise to take a few hours to adjust the voting controls on chainBB.

As always, the beta is available here:


chainBB - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This post will serve as a living document and be edited in the future to answer common questions that arise surrounding chainBB and it's operation. It will remain a sticky post at the top of the chainBB forum, and you can read it in it's entirety on chainBB:


[PSA] + = downtime

Just providing a heads up with what's going on surrounding these public API servers.

I've been working on the both of these on and off for the last 3 days since they've both encountered issues of falling behind on blocks, forking off, and now while rebuilding hitting "unlinkable block" errors. With HF19 due tomorrow, and myself still needing to upgrade a number of other servers, I'm taking these both offline.