jesta witness update - 2016-09-16

What an awesome, unexpected, crazy week of activities. Last Sunday I broke into the top 19 witnesses while I was working on a feature for steemdb. At first I thought "wait, what?", and figured that I broke something or corrupted my local database. After double checking the live version of steemdb and steemd, confirming the change, my priorities for the week shifted slightly.

My focus has very much been on fortifying and improving the witness infrastructure I manage.

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jesta witness update - 2016-09-09

3rd and final post for today, an update as to what I've been up to this week. It's now past 3am and I've spent the last 4 hours organizing code, deploying updates and writing patch notes for the various projects I manage. What better time than when everyone else is sleeping!

With as much writing as I've already done, I'll attempt to keep this witness update brief.

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jesta witness update - 2016-09-02

Another week, another update on what I've been up to. It's been a very busy week and I've been sneaking in updates where I can. I think I may have broken my record for "most time spent actually being productive in chat" - helping others with development problems, talking strategy, exposing information and helping brainstorm new ideas.

This post is following along with my standard witness update format I'm working to establish.

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