jesta witness update - 2016-08-26

A busy, but good week. steemdb launched, steempress is finally getting love again, and I've actually setup a demo of steempress on was my old, old blog and has now been repurposed to be my "witness blog". steempress has been configured on this website to watch my account, and display any posts with the witness-category tag. In fact, this post should be showing on the top there right now!

1. Accomplished the week of 2016-08-26:

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Jesta - backup witness update for week ending 2016/08/19

Transparency is good and I like the fact that the other backup witnesses are posting updates. Friday also seems to be the day everyone's silently agreed upon. Since I'm acting as a backup witness, I'll also make it a point at the end of each week to write post explaining how I've been contributing to the growth and success of steem.

I am also going to try to establish a little bit of order to my posts and avoid rambling as much as possible. I'd encourage other witnesses to do the same. It would be nice to have a standard content format that's easy to consume and use to learn about the individuals in the witness program.

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Dockerized + Pistonized version of clayop/steemfeed for Witnesses

As a brand new witness, I was having one hell of a time getting everything setup for my publish_feedscript. Everything I found needed a cliwallet running and serving a http rpc with my key in it. Unlocking and locking wallets felt a little insecure and I figured there had to be a better way. I started doing research on how we could do away with the cliwallet instance as a requirement and make it a standalone application.

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Witness Thread: jesta

Greetings steem! I'm jesta, but you can call me Aaron if you'd like. In an effort to experience all aspects of the steem platform, I am submitting myself as a witness for the steem network.

I have been a member of for almost a month now and involved in cryptography since 2013. I haven't been this excited about the potential of a technology in a long time, probably since my original discovery of Bitcoin. I am diving deep, exploring and learning as much as possible about the people, the platform, and the poltics of steem as a whole.

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